April 1, 2012

2012 Watch List - March

Chalet Girl - If this movie had legs, it'd be a walking cliche. Awful way to end a Bill Nighy fortnight.
Anonymous - Making up history is fun, isn't it?

Didn't you know Rhys Ifans really wrote Romeo & Juliet?

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio - Surprisingly rose above a hokey Lifetime movie-of-the-week feeling.
Scorched - What happened to your career, Alicia Silverstone?
No Country for Old Man (R) - Almost five years since I've seen it in the theater, and it's still amazing.
Cool Blue - Thankfully Woody Harrelson's transition to film eventually yielded better results than this.
Management - Motel art, homeless people, Buddhist monks and Fred Ward in spandex. What the hell did I just watch?
Transsiberian - So not what I thought it'd be. Easy to say I was disappointed.
The People vs Larry Flynt - Time for a typical 90s biopic, even if the subject isn't typical.
The Grand - Cool concept, but needed to be shaved by about 20 minutes.
Indecent Proposal - Pretty sure Demi Moore makes everything a little bit worse.
Defendor - 10 Woody Harrelson movies in half as many days; I need a breather...
Take Shelter - Oh, that's much better.

Michael Shannon predicts the apocalypse in Take Shelter.

Natural Born Killers - I should have liked, if not loved, this. I blame Juliette Lewis.
Money Train - I remember this being controversial in the 90s due to the violence. Now it feels tame.
A Scanner Darkly - Probably Keanu Reeves most believable performance.
White Men Can't Jump - Foods That Start with the Letter "Q"
A Prairie Home Companion - Let's take what would have been an amazing film and drag it down with Virginia Madsen playing an Angel of Death.
Like Crazy - It needed more Jennifer Lawrence. Every movie could use a little more Jennifer Lawrence.
Heathers (R)- Over two decades later, this movie is still so very.

Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly love bad jokes in A Prairie Home Companion.

Ladyhawke (R)- Outside of a hideously over-bearing 80s score, this one is still pretty good.
MirrorMask - Glad Tim Burton didn't get his gothy hands on this.
Dream House - When celebrities hook-up while making a film, I really hope there isn't a correlation between the quality of the film and the quality of the relationship. If there were, I'd predict a divorce for Craig and Weisz by summer.
The Whistleblower - This is what happens when you don't have Liam Neeson as a father tracking you down to save you from human trafficking.
The Hunger Games (x2) - Well this new. I've never seen the same movie twice in the same day, especially not in the theater. It wasn't planned, but I certainly didn't mind.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (R) - Had to show Brad the American remake to see if he would have a preference, but he claims to like both versions equally.

I have a feeling Dali was a huge inspiration for some of the art direction in MirrorMask.

Runaway Jury (R) - This one really didn't need another viewing.
Confidence - Maybe I'd like it more if Ed Burns didn't annoy the crap out of me.
The Fountain (R) - Oh, so pretty on Blu-ray.
Beautiful Creatures - Only a handful of people can pull off the platinum blonde look...Rachel Weisz is not one of these people.
Going All the Way - I don't get the endearing love for Jeremy Davies. He plays the most pathetic characters, or perhaps the same pathetic character all the time.
Agora - I can't watch Max Minghella films without making Social Network jokes in my head.
About a Boy - About time I watched this. I've been missing out.
Young Adult - Charlize is so hysterically inappropriate.
Grindhouse (R) - It still makes me wish Zoe Bell did more acting.

2012 TALLY:
First Time - 72
Rewatched - 24
Total - 96

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  1. I loved About a Boy when I saw it. I need to see it again.

    And you know I love MirrorMask. :P

    1. About a Boy was really good. It's one of those stories that I feel only the British could pull off. I need to see MirrorMask again, but it's going to be awhile.

  2. Ah, so a Rachel Weisz show is on the horizon. Always a fun game to predict upcoming RI actors based on what you've been watching lately. Figured since you'd watched Constant Gardener for Nighy that you might as well just keep going with Weisz's work?

    1. Yep, recorded her episode this afternoon. Should be available in a week. Not sure why we picked her. I think Wiki had an independent film of hers slated for limited release or she was totally random. Can't remember which.