March 31, 2012

Saturday's Sims Screenshots: Fin

Andy knows his green girls from the rebooted Star Trek:

And with that, Saturday's Sims Screenshots comes to a close here at Rachel's Reel Reviews. I thank everyone who anxiously awaited the weekend so the guessing could begin. It was fun, but computer/game  issues have told me it's time to move on. And thus the final leaderboard is as follows:

Nick - 13
Andy - 11
Jason, MovieNut14 - 6
Jess, Ryan - 5
James, Kai, Mom - 4
David, Kano, Stevee - 3
Dylan - 2
Adam, Angela, Brian, Marc, Red - 1

Thanks for playing!

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. What?

    You demolish the super fun Weekly TV Wrap Up and now the SIMS Screenshots, which were a bright point of my week? Oh, hark, the sadness!

    Well, Rachel, thanks for such a fun game. :) Here's hoping a new nifty feature takes its place.

    1. I'm sorry Andy. All I'll say is stay tuned...

  2. Aww! It shall be missed!

    But yay for the fact I ended up in first place! Like... the only game online that happens in.

    1. Ha ha! Maybe one day you'll get another one to rule.

  3. Ah, this is sad, but as stated, I'm sure you have something nifty up your sleeve. Fun game while it lasted, Rachel. Thanks!

    1. You never know. It may come in some form or another eventually. I just need a break from it for now. Glad you enjoyed it though. It is certainly one of my favorite creations.